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Tracker Fund Anyone?
« on: June 15, 2006, 10:31:48 AM »
Below are some info on UOB-OSK KLCI Tracker Fund. I am not an agent of it... Just tot that tracker fund would be a great investment option if the market were to rebound from the current drop

"Investing in TraKL will provide a number of benefits. You will own , in a single unit, a share in a portfolio providing diversification across the companies that comprise the KLCI. The minimum investment size will be substantially lower than the amount required to buy minimum board lots of shares in the companies that comprise the KLCI. Most importantly, we will only levy a minimum fee of 1% on the net asset value payable when you make your application. By simply holding TraKL units, you may expect returns that will closely track the performance of the KLCI" -

I noticed the fund above... When market is bad, the price is bout 0.47... When good, it's bout or near 0.51.
A 7-8% gain.. And initial fee is pretty low. What do u think? Worth the risk?

Any questions? Just shoot