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Psychic VS Market
« on: December 16, 2006, 08:08:53 AM »

can a sensitive 6th sense person win in his investment?
in my opinion ... even if the answer is YES
it will be limited.
otherwise these people will be as rich as george soros right?  :P
or they just use their talents in  "wrong" field like horse betting and casino.

letz talk lightly on some people who use metaphysical approach in investing.
I think no matter what  "magical" people do
they will be walking in circles if they dont put in some time and effort in reading what is fund, stock etc.....

personally I think those who use magik or mind power in investing are those who go "manifesting" approach rather than "6th sense prediction"
as stated in books like "the science of getting rich" and "a happy pocket full of money"

they focus what they really want to manifest in life and bring it to their reality
for example wealth and luxury.

i think some people will consider these as BS but for me i think "manifesting" is something trully worth a try.

no rich shaman nor wealthy priest so far...
feng shui masters excluded :P
the one who has nothing, has everything.