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Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting
« on: January 03, 2011, 10:54:01 AM »
Welcome to Investlah. The purpose of this forum is to create an investment community that is constructive and enjoyable. In order to maintain this, we have come up with some simple guidelines and we ask for your cooperation to abide by them.

1. The first and overriding rule is: If you have a problem with another member, take it up with them directly. Bickering among members on the forum has gotten to ridiculous levels lately. Do not start personal attacks or character assassinations campaigns on the forum. No exceptions.

(Tip: If you are a victim, just click on the "Report to Moderator" link stating your defence. Do not respond to the posts. This makes it easier for the Admins to moderate, otherwise we'll think that you are happy to defend yourself. All cases reported to the moderators will be investigated.)

While reading the message boards, you will find many diverse opinions. Some members may post information that is biased, misleading or false. Always keep this in mind when you make decisions about your money. Investlah does not moderate opinions on stocks (unless it is offensive/racist/repetitive, or comes with personal abuse/vulgarities, etc).

Posting messages that are intended to manipulate a stock price is illegal. This includes misrepresenting others or posting false or misleading information. You are solely responsible for the content of your posts. Investlah will cooperate with government and law enforcement entities, including the Securities Commission, in the event a member is suspected of being involved in illegal behavior.

4. Do not copy and paste entire articles from other websites. Please respect copyright and intellectual property. You may quote a paragraph and state the source for the purpose of discussion but you may not copy entire articles.

5. Do not excessively promote your own blog/website/business, especially by just linking to them. This has caused tons of useless messages to be posted with no point of discussion. This is not an ad forum - it is a discussion forum.

6. No affiliate links are allowed. Anyone caught doing this will be immediately banned and have all his/her past posts deleted. This is not an ad forum - it is a discussion forum.

7. Keep you avatars clean. Anything that borders on porn, impersonation or anything gross will be removed.

If you encounter any violations of the above, please click on the "Report to Moderator" link. Please note that with the rate of growth of the forum, we are no longer able to pro-actively moderate all posts but we will investigate all posts reported to us.

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