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How to trade CPO ? any good broker ?


master wahsing:
Anyone have experiencing trading CPO ? how it works... :clap:



--- Quote from: master wahsing on May 02, 2014, 07:52:25 PM ---Anyone have experiencing trading CPO ? how it works... :clap:

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I have been trading FCPO since last Dicember, and never came back to equities since then. It's more volatile and fully technical. I open my trading account with CIMB Futures which is different from normal stock trading account. Futures trade allows for LONG (buy first, then sell later; making profit when market is uptrend) and SHORT (sell first, then buy later; making profit when marken is downtrend) positions.

My trading strategy is based on Price Action with Confluence; which use Candlestick Pattern with horizontal Support/Resistance levels (statics), trend channel, chart pattern (like triangle pattern) and Moving Average (dynamic support and resistance).

You can learn my trading plan from these links:



Below is current action in FCPO (trend is down, about to break triangle pattern) just for example to tell how we FCPO traders trade

Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO) is a Malaysian crude palm oil contract having currency code 'MYR' and is traded globally. FCPO future contract is used by the traders for hedging & managing the risks against price fluctuations in the physical market. Crude palm oil futures are traded for various reasons such as price risk management and speculation. Plantation companies, refineries, exporters and millers use crude palm oil futures to manage risk and hedge against the risk of unfavorable movements in the price of crude palm oil in the physical market.
To get better knowledge and tips on how to trade in CPO, you can refer to the link given below:
Whether you’re trader or investor, Multi Management Future Solutions gives you an accurate FCPO trading signal by their professional analysts, who recommends by predicting the price fluctuations of FCPO. Their intra-day FCPO signals are provided with proper entry points & profit booking level.


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