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Best Fund Manager : OSK-UOB Resource Fund

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I found out that

OSK-UOB resource fund is doing well in this crisis. If you read carefully about its prospectus, Ho Seng Yee and Jason Chong are very capable investment manager.

I like their strategy to increase their cash position during pre-crisis (overvalutation). They're actively sense the market situation and valuation.

Over the long run, OSK-UOB resource should able to outperform benchmark.

How to get cheapest service charge?
- Pls visit OSK investment bank. They can give u 2% charges on OSK-UOB related fund.
- Fundsupermart.com.my - Online Unit Trust service provider. They have some hidden cost. I would prefer to buy @OSK bank.

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Unit Trust is suitable for non-professional investors.

For Global Investing, Unit Trust is suitable for small capital investors (< RM200k capital).

For every purchase on foreign share, you need to buy at least RM8k and above to cover expensive brokerage fee (>RM100).

If your capital is more than >RM200k, you can buy foreign share easily and lower cost ratio.

Every investor has different capital structure and strategy. Unit Trust is lower risk compare and less emotional investment.

In order to diversify my investment, i allocated small portion of my investment porfolio into Unit Trust.

who's the greatest investor ?  warren buffett

wat he said about "diversification"?

"protection against ignorance"

wat's unit trust about?

diversification by charging u high mgmt fees so that u nid to invest "long term" to continue feed the agent's


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