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Trading Talk:
Heard that VIS is undergoing a Reverse Take Over exercise. Is it confirmed ? If yes, better buy now b4 the announcement comes out.
 :cash: :cash: :cash:

Have been seeing some active volume these couple of days.

Rashid Jihad:
VIS 60.5c
PE 11.5x
DY 2.5%
Roe 14%
lowest mkt cap

Top 22 shareholders own 61.73% of the company

Unit tak banyak

Rashid Jihad:
easy to limit up  8) :D :cash: :cash: :cash:

Rashid Jihad:
 :cash: :cash: :cash:

Rashid Jihad:
just hold bro may the limit up be with us  :cash: :cash: :cash:


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