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Anyone knows how to trade Forex via Binary Options?

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Hi Guys!
After doing some research about trading online. I stumbled upon Binary option and find it user-friendly. Although i dont know much about it, i feel that one can possibly win more and lose more money at the same time. Nevertheless, i think it's for someone like me who doesnt know much about trading.
Question: Anyone, who knows an effective way of minimizing loses in Binary options? Hopefully by experience and not textbook strategies. :)

yes i know how to trade in binary options. whats your question about it?

Yes. Same question here. i heard they pay well but risk is too high! Have u already made money on it Barretto?

No not yet. I want to know more about this first before i try it.

trading it through Binary options is Highly risky , i personally do not recommend it  :speechless:


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