Author Topic: US economic growth revised up to 3.7%  (Read 277 times)

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US economic growth revised up to 3.7%
« on: August 27, 2015, 10:05:30 PM »

Important news from the US: Americaís economy grew much faster than first estimated in the second quarter of the year.

Annualised growth has been revised up to 3.7% for the April-June period (or more than 0.9% on a quarterly basis), beating expectations.

Thatís a sharp increase on the first estimate of 2.3% annualised growth, and means the US outpaced other advanced nations (Britain grew by 0.7% during Q2).

That may put more pressure on the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates soon, despite the turbulence in the global economy. But it also suggests the US is better prepared handle such a hike.
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