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Protection for the baby in the womb
« on: March 20, 2010, 08:54:41 AM »
Every insurance products in the market before this could only provide coverage to the newborn after the baby is borne. Now, a breakthrough in the industry once again, PRUmyChild by Prudential was launched in early March 2010 to provide medical protection to the baby even when the baby is still in the womb of the mother! Read on below to find out more:

PRUmychild is the ONLY product in Malaysia now to allow you to get protection for your baby, while the baby is still in the stomach. Currently, other companies only cover babies after they're born, so any babies born with any complications, will either not be covered or be charged a higher premium. With PRUmychild, you protect your baby since before birth, regardless of his/her health or complications after being born, she will still be medically covered.

Trust me, if your wife is currently pregnant, tell her about this account and she will die to get it immediately! Reason being mothers have special attachment and feelings to the one in their tummies and they would want to give the world to the babies if they could. At least this is the response I got from my wife when she heard about this account but too bad she had already given birth to my daughter early this month before this account was launched  ;)


The table above only illustrates part of the benefits under this account. Should you require further info please contact your friendly and understanding PRU agent near you  :D

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