Author Topic: What happen to REDTONE  (Read 1714 times)

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What happen to REDTONE
« on: September 18, 2015, 11:09:43 AM »
Supposed to be taken over at 80 sens a couple of months back. Shareholders rejected the proposal saying that it was too cheap. Now at 64 sens even cheaper. When is it coming back to 80 sens for higher.

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Re: What happen to REDTONE
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2015, 11:37:13 AM »
Still believing the take over trick? Remember Ninetology want to take over Ingenco @ 0.55, and you see what happen to Ingenco now.  :D

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Re: What happen to REDTONE
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2019, 11:39:48 PM »

Involved Telco Network Infrastructure Company

Green Packet Bhd is engaged in the business of investment holding, research and development, marketing and distribution of wireless networking and telecommunication products, networking solutions, communication services, and other high technology products and services. The business of the company operates in various segments that include Solution, Broadband Services, Communication Services, and Elimination. The Solution and Broadband service generate maximum revenue for the company. Geographically the company exports its services to the United States of America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bahrain, and Singapore.

Netx Holdings Bhd is principally involved in the investment holding, research and development of software, system design, integration and installation and provision of information technology services. The core business segments of the company comprise of the followings: Electronic Payment Services and Payment Services segment. Electronic Payment Services segment is involved in the terminal and other related services. Non-electronic Payment Services segment is involved in the provision of turnkey solutions on the network infrastructure, security management, research and development of software, system design, integration and installation and provision of IT services. The company operates principally in Malaysia.

OCK Group Bhd provides telecommunications network services. The company is engaged in the provision of telecommunication services equipped with the ability to provide full turnkey services. It provides comprehensive services to all six segments of the telecommunication network services market: network planning, design and optimization, network deployment, network operations and maintenance, energy management, infrastructure management, and other professional services. The company also trades in telecommunication hardware and installation of materials such as antennas, feeder cables, and connectors.


Opcom Holdings Bhd is a Malaysian based investment holding company engaged in the manufacturing of fiber optic cables and cable-related products. The business activity of the group is functioned through Manufacturing, Trading and Engineering Services, and Other Operations segments. All the operations are functioned through Malaysia and it derives the majority of revenue from Manufacturing segment which includes fiber optic cables, systems, accessories and thixotropic gel. The company also provides management related services. In addition, the firm is also involved in trading of cable filing, flooding compounds and industrial products, and provision of engineering services.

REDtone International Bhd is a digital infrastructure and services provider that offers services under three categories that are Telecommunications Services which offers data and voice services to government, enterprises, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Managed Telecommunications Network Services (MTNS) which includes building, maintaining and operating large scale WiFi hotspots, radio access network (RAN) infrastructure and fibre optic infrastructure, and Industry Digital Services (IDS) which includes data centre services, internet of things (IoT) services, cloud services and applications, and healthcare solutions to enterprises, government and the healthcare industry. The company’s Telecom services generate maximum revenue for the company.
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