Author Topic: Know Your Unit Trust Investment & Investor's Guide to Malaysian Unit Trust  (Read 4072 times)

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To Order and further queries, Please contatct me:

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Hi Shradzi,

How much are you selling the books for? Is there a discount from the normal retail price?

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Dear Shradzi,
                Any of the contents that are important that you could share? Might want to get a copy too.
When the time comes, all investment knowledges should be passed to the younger generations for further enhancement.

Thx & Rgds;

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I'll get you the price as soon as possible, but it'll definitely be lesser than the retail price :) Investor's Guide to Malaysia Unit Trust will cost around RM 35, and Know your unit trust investment RM 25 (both not including shipping cost).

Summary of the books:

1.   What is a Unit Trust Fund?
2.   What is an Asset Management Company?
3.   What are the different types of Unit Trust Fund schemes?
4.   What is a Prospectus?
5.   What is the Net Asset Value (NAV)?
6.   What are Dividends?
7.   Are investments in Unit Trust Fund units safe?
8.   What are the Risks in a Unit Trust Fund?
9.   What are the benefits of a Unit Trust Fund?
10.   Do Unit Trust Funds assure returns?
11.   How do you make money in a Unit Trust Fund?
12.   What are the tax benefits for investing in Unit Trust Fund units?
13.   Who should invest in Unit Trust Funds?
14.   As Unit Trust Fund schemes invest only in stock markets, are they suitable for small investors?

Those are reasons why you need to have these books.

Know Your Unit Trust Investment

•   To guide all who new to unit trusts

•   To provide minimum level of knowledge, information and understanding of what unit trusts are all about.

•   To cover the minimum technical knowledge of the nature, behavior and characteristics of unit trusts.

•   To appreciate the advantages and strengths of the investment opportunity found in unit trusts

•   To serve a basic tool in preparation, skill enhancement, technical know how and competency for unit trust agents for ever more demanding and affluent customer who have become more sophisticated in their general investment requirements and expectations

•   To improve their sales and marketing skills so that they will achieve a higher level of success in their under takings

•   To stimulate interest in practical knowledge and application of unit trust investment

Investor’s Guide to Malaysian Unit Trusts

•   The only book you can count on for the total expose on the Malaysian unit trust funds. Do your investment homework with this book which profiling:

•   Over 280 Local Unit Trust Funds

•   4 Closed End Funds (including Real Estate Investment Trusts)

•   Designated Fund Managers’ Credentials

•   Performance Guide (NAV, ROI, MER, PTR, etc.)

•   Charts and Tables for Quick Reference and analysis

•   Compete industry Directory with toll free telephone numbers, email and web addresses

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I am quite blur here...
Can these books be obtained from the book store? Or only through u?

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Those book you might find it in the Malaysian Bookstore, but not all bookstore have it. To save time and energy, order tru me is the best way to have it.

Furthermore, myself promoted directly to the Malaysian Unit trust agents and to the serious investor only. Not all investor realize how important to have those books for their own knowledge.