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Life is beautiful
« on: July 17, 2016, 04:12:03 PM »
♪ 許冠傑 ∼ 人生多麼好♪

Sun Tzu — The Art of War: "It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."






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Life is beautiful
« on: July 17, 2016, 04:12:03 PM »

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Re: Life is beautiful
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Steve Jobs - How to live before you die

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Re: Life is beautiful
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2016, 05:51:29 PM »
GuocoLand wins tender for plum River Valley site after record $595.1m bid ~ 1 Jul 2016

A plum housing site in River Valley has attracted strong interest from developers, with a GuocoLand unit submitting the top bid of S$595.1 million, URA data showed after the close of tender yesterday. The 99-year leasehold site, launched on Apr 28 from the Confirmed List of GLS programme for the first half of this year, sits on about 171,535 sqft and has a plot ratio of 2.8. The top bid from GuocoLand subsidiary First Bedok Land, which beat 12 others, translates to S$1,239 psf ppr. The River Valley land parcel, at the junction of River Valley Close and Martin Place, is located within a well-established residential area with condominiums such as Martin Place Residences, Rivergate and Martin 38, said URA.

Mr Nicholas Mak, head of research and consultancy at SLP Intl Property Consultants, estimated breakeven prices for the residential space in the new condominium to be developed on this site to range from S$1,850 psf to S$1,910 psf.

Sky Vue topped developer sales in December

By Tan Chee Yuen
January 15, 2016 4:00 PM MYT

Developers sold 384 private homes in December compared to 759 in November on the back of fewer launches. This brings the developer sales tally for the whole of 2015 to 7,529 units.

All of the new launches in December came from existing projects such as Lakeville (50 units), Kingsford Waterbay (50 units) and Coco Palms (44 units).

The top-sellers in December were The Poiz Residences (64 units at $1,430 psf median price), Sky Vue (20 units at $1,571 psf median price) and Botanique at Bartley (17 units at $1,302 psf median price).

Separately, developers sold 124 executive condominiums (EC) in November. The Brownstone topped the list with 20 units sold at $814 psf median price, followed by The Terrace with 15 units at $788 psf median price.

CBRE head of research Desmond Sim notes: "Looking to 2016, the Singapore economy is expected to slow down while interest rates rise. Fewer new projects will be offered as developers’ inventory is running low. About 60% of new sales will come from the 14,000 unsold units from launched projects, which will certainly help to clear the inventory. Overall home prices will moderate marginally by 1.0%-3.0%; some of the existing projects might see some discounts while a number of new launches have strong location attributes.”

Christine Li, head of research at Cushman & Wakefield, says, "On the supply front, the Government has also scaled back the number of residential units available for sale through the confirmed list, a move which could ease the supply pressure should the buying sentiment remains weak against the backdrop of a much uncertain marco-economic environment arising from higher interest rates, plunging stock market and oil prices and higher geopolitical risks," .

"Demand could be elastic depending on the market condition. Should there be a price cut of high single digits or even double digits with palatable quantum (particularly the smaller units up to two-bedders), there will be a uptick in the market activities as buyers waiting on the sideline are ready to come back to the market," adds Li.

99-year leasehold Sky Vue condo: 20 units sold in December @ $1,571 psf median price (Total 694 units - 591 units = Balance 103 units

Sky Vue condo against other 99-year leasehold projects near an MRT Interchange, but at different location ~ 16 Sep 2013

Sky Vue: New condo 3 minutes from Bishan MRT ~  14 Sep 2013

CapitaLand tops record 19 bids for 99-year Bishan site ~ 25 Feb 2011

The top bid of  S$550.1 million (the “Tender Price”) went to CapitaLand’s subsidiary Bishan Residential Development Pte. Ltd, while the 2nd bid put in by Keppel Land Realty missed by almost $118 million.

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Re: Life is beautiful
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Najib's position unscathed despite 1MDB probe, says think tank

By Victoria Brown
Sunday, 24 July 2016 | MYT 11:39 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is under no political threat despite the United States declaring that it would be seizing assets the country believes were bought from money stolen from a state-owned fund by people close to the Prime Minister, reported Singapore's The Straits Times. 

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuits allegedly linked to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) fund will, however, likely not undermine Najib's secure grip on power, as he has a firm hold over the ruling Umno, and control over key Malaysian institutions, such as security agencies, it said. 

The report on Saturday cited an opinion research firm as saying how the country's Opposition was fragmented. 

"Najib's security is because the Opposition and Umno dissidents are not able to come together to present a coherent message and credible alternative," said Ibrahim Suffian of the Merdeka Centre polling outfit. 

In the immediate term, Najib's focus will be to further consolidate his power at home, said the report, adding that he is expected to continue with his strategy of stubborn ignorance to the fallout from the 1MDB fiasco. 

"It has been the strategy from the start and it has served him well. There is no reason to change," said a senior researcher with a local think-tank who requested anonymity. 

Najib started 1MDB shortly after taking over the premiership in April 2009 to pursue strategic investments abroad. 

But according to the DOJ, senior Government officials and businessmen close to the Prime Minister used the fund as a private piggy bank right from the start, the report said. 

Najib has denied any wrongdoing. He has dismissed the intense international media coverage on financial mismanagement and alleged money laundering of 1MDB's finances as false and aimed at undermining his administration. 

On Thursday, the Government said it would cooperate with the US in its investigations, but insisted that local regulatory agencies had cleared Najib of any wrongdoing in the 1MDB case. 

The US Justice Department's civil lawsuits to seize more than US$1bil (RM4.02bil) in assets strikes very close to the Prime Minister. 

The assets marked for seizure are held by Riza Aziz, his stepson, businessman Jho Low, and two former Abu Dhabi government representatives. 

The Straits Times wrote that while Najib's grip on power was not in any serious trouble, the tarring of his political reputation could have repercussions for him personally. 

Diplomats and analysts noted that the US move would make it uncomfortable for Najib to attend international events in the near term, said the report. Others argued that it could make it uncomfortable for foreign leaders to be seen interacting with him. 

The report added that the move could also alter Malaysia's foreign policy. 

The DOJ probe is likely to strain ties between Washington and Kuala Lumpur and could nudge the Najib government closer to China, which is pushing very hard to find allies in the region, it said. 

"The latest twist in the 1MDB affair does play to China's advantage. The question is how far Malaysia will bend (towards Beijing)," a Western diplomat in Kuala Lumpur was quoted as saying. 

In late 2015, two China state-owned corporations acquired 1MDB's Edra Global Energy, the country's second largest power producer, and a majority interest in the fund's property development arm for a combined price tag of US$4bil (RM16.3bil).

China’s investment in embattled 1MDB throw Malaysian Prime Minister a lifeline - but carry a hidden price tag

Purchase of multi-billion-dollar assets also buy China leverage in a country where race relations are in a delicate state

By Amy Chew
12 January, 2016

China’s investment forays into Southeast Asia, even as it presses on with its South China Sea reclamation works are well-known. But recent acquisitions in Malaysia have taken on an unusually high profile in a country with race relations in a delicate state, and where the Chinese are a significant minority.

In the space of less than two months, China has bought two multi-billion-dollar strategic assets from Malaysia’s debt-laden state-owned investment firm, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (IMDB), expanding its influence in the country while throwing a lifeline to embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak.

The investments, analysts said, have geopolitical implications - specifically, regarding territorial disputes in the South China Sea where Malaysia has an overlapping claim with China. “Najib’s, and Malaysia’s, ability to manoeuvre, vis-ŕ-vis China, is going to be limited after this deal. How far we [Malaysia] will be able to pursue an independent foreign policy after this, is going to be one of the key questions,” said Dennis Ignatius, a former Malaysian diplomat who has served in Beijing, Washington and London.

Najib chairs the advisory board of 1MDB which racked up RM42 billion ringgit (US$9.6 billion) in debts in less than five years and almost defaulted on a loan. For months, 1MDB’s troubles weighed on Malaysia’s sovereign credit rating.

It led to calls for Najib’s resignation from former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and opposition parties, who accused Najib of mismanagement and corruption. 1MDB is currently under investigation by five domestic agencies and authorities in Switzerland. Najib has denied any wrongdoing.

“China’s successful bid for 1MDB’s power assets and property projects have helped 1MDB decrease its debt burden and resolve 1MDB indebtedness,” said Yeah Kim Leng, Dean of the School of Business at the Malaysia University of Science and Technology.

“The assets were sold to the highest bidder. 1MDB got a good price,” Yeah added.

In his 2016 New Year’s Day address, Najib said 1MDB’s debts have now been reduced by RM40.4 billion following the rationalisation of its assets.

China General Nuclear Power Corp, a Chinese state-owned enterprise, paid US$2.3 billion to acquire 1MDB’s Edra Global Energy Bhd last November.

Edra is the country’s second largest power producer, giving China a major foothold into the energy sector.

In December, China Railway Construction Corp teamed up with Malaysian Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn (IWH) to buy a 60 per cent stake in 1MDB’s property project known as Bandar Malaysia for US$1.7 billion in a 40:60 joint venture.

Bandar Malaysia is a mixed-property project on a 196.7-hectare site. The development will also host terminals for a planned Singapore-Kuala Lumpur high-speed rail link.

Analysts said China was now in pole position to win the construction tender for the rail link, one of the country’s largest pending infrastructure projects, with an estimated cost of RM70 billion.

The 1MDB acquisitions made China Malaysia’s largest foreign investor in 2015, leapfrogging the US, Japan, EU and Singapore.

Ironically, China’s acquisitions come at a time when Najib’s ruling Umno party has ratcheted up anti-Chinese rhetoric, accusing the ethnic minority of trying to usurp political power from the Malay majority. The rhetoric surged after a rally for good governance last August drew tens of thousands of people, among whom the majority were Chinese.

UMNO supporters responded by holding an overtly anti-Chinese “red-shirt” protest that drew 35,000 people.

In a sign of its growing influence and confidence in its ability to withstand any blowback on bilateral relations, China’s ambassador to Kuala Lumpur, Huang Huikang waded into the controversy during a visit to the capital’s Chinatown after the red shirt rally. “China rejects any form of extremism and racism, and will not stand by if Chinese interests are at stake,” he said at the height of the tensions, in remarks that raised eyebrows in diplomatic circles.

UMNO’s youth division accused Huang of interfering in Malaysia’s domestic affairs, and Huang was summoned by the Malaysian Foreign Ministry to explain his remarks.

Given this backdrop, the response from the Malay majority to China’s purchase of the country’s strategic assets has been surprisingly muted.

“His [Najib’s] supporters hardly pay attention to geopolitical issues because that is too complicated for them. That is why China’s advances into this region hardly register in their radar and no one asks about the impacts of China’s investment into the country’s strategic assets,” said Wan Saiful Wan Jan, chief executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs.

According to Wan Saiful, the anti-Chinese rhetoric from Umno has been getting stronger lately as Najib feels compelled to shore up support from his core Malay voters.

“So he dangles the racial card and he does not care the repercussion to the country’s harmony. The more divided Malaysia is, the more likely that Najib will remain in power because Umno has always benefitted from a divide-and-rule strategy,” said Wan Saiful.

Ignatius, the former Malaysian diplomat, said China’s behaviour needed to be watched as its investments increased in the country.

“Malaysia is….very open to foreign investment so there’s no intrinsic problem with foreign investment, whether from China or elsewhere. Problems could arise, however, when countries seek to use their investments to exert undue influence over the direction of the country’s affairs,” Ignatius said.

Ignatius said it was also important for China to be mindful of race relations in Malaysia.

“Given Malaysia’s ethnic mix, China will also have to be wary not to get drawn into the whole complex and contentious area of race relations. If China is perceived as showing favouritism to Malaysian Chinese, it would certainly create resentment among the Malays. It would, therefore, have to carefully balance its relations with both communities,” said Ignatius.

“As well…if China is seen to be using its economic and political clout to buttress a government that is increasingly unpopular, which it now seems to be doing for its own reasons, that also won’t go down well with those of us who want to see more democratic space in Malaysia,” Ignatius said.

China’s investments reflected Malaysia’s importance as a linkage point for China’s One Road, One Belt (Obor) initiative, according to Alexious Lee, Head of Industrial Research, China, CLSA Ltd.

“When we talk about Obor, we usually look at two regions, Southeast Asia and Central Asia,” said Lee.

“Southeast Asia is more important for commercially inclined projects. And within them, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are three of the most important markets.”

According to Lee, Malaysia was important as a point which connects Thailand with Singapore, given its position between the two countries.

The current volatility in China, amid wild swings in the stock market and an economic slowdown, only serves to accelerate the country’s overseas investments.

“The domestic business volatility could in fact accelerate the Chinese government’s focus to develop their overseas partnerships…building foundations for overseas investments to grow in the next five to 10 years,” said Lee

“And Malaysia is one of the overseas countries.”

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Re: Life is beautiful
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Fortunes of Singapore's richest up just 2.4% amid sluggish economy, Brexit: Forbes ~ 11 Aug 2016

Singapore rich list 2016: Top 50 fortunes stay steady amid slowdown ~ 3 Aug 2016

'Singin' in the rain: Ho Bee avoids Singapore's property market slump ~ 3 Aug 2016

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Re: Life is beautiful
« Reply #5 on: September 25, 2016, 01:36:56 PM »
Demand for high-end homes near Orchard road remains strong ~ 23 Sep 2016

Simei leasehold condo fetches profit of almost $1 million ~ 23 Sep 2016

Pinnacle@Duxton flat goes for $1.12 million ~ 22 Sep 2016

How to invest in Singapore properties (regardless of cooling measures) ~ 17 Aug 2016

HDB flat in Clementi fetches over $1 million ~ 11 Aug 2016

City View DBSS flat fetches $1.1 million ~ 11 Aug 2016

Million-dollar public housing in Singapore: A look at recent developments ~ 10 Aug 2016

Two HDB flats sold for almost a million dollars ~ 13 Jun 2016

City View@Boon Keng unit fetches over $1 million ~ 1 Mar 2016

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Re: Life is beautiful
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Tycoons: The men who rule Hong Kong ~ 4 Oct 2016

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Re: Life is beautiful
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i think the size of a man's wealth is directly correlated to the size of his medula oblonga... :nod:
Tycoons: The men who rule Hong Kong ~ 4 Oct 2016

no buy more song.....

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Re: Life is beautiful
« Reply #8 on: October 13, 2016, 03:23:15 PM »
Indonesia gets ambitious with tax amnesty plan ~ 12 Oct 2016

Sentiment in Indonesia is on the up ~ 12 Oct 2016

The economy of Indonesia more promising in 2017 ~ 10 Oct 2016

Indonesian economy becomes a 'standout' among emerging markets ~ 1 Oct 2016

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Re: Life is beautiful
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有個平凡人,因為吃不飽穿不暖, 而在佛祖面前痛哭流涕,訴說生活的艱苦, 天天幹活累的半死卻掙不來幾個錢。 「要怎樣妳才覺得公平哪?」 平凡人急忙說著: 「要讓富人和我一樣窮,幹一樣的活,如果富人還是富人我就不再埋怨了。」 佛祖點頭道:「好吧!」 說完 佛祖把一位富人變成了和平凡人一樣窮的人。 並各給了他們各一座山,每天挖出來的煤當天可以賣掉買食物, 限期一個月之內挖光煤山。 平凡人和富人一起開挖, 平凡人平常幹慣了粗活, 挖煤這活對他就是小菜一碟,很快他挖了一車煤, 拉去集市上賣了錢,用這些錢他全買了好吃的, 拿回家給老婆孩子解饞。 富人平時沒幹過重活,挖一會停一會, 還累的滿頭大汗。 到了傍晚才勉強挖了壹車拉到集市上買, 換來的錢他只買了幾個硬饅頭, 其餘的錢都留了起來。 第二天平凡人早早起來開始挖煤, 富人卻去逛集市。 不一會帶回倆個人來,這兩個人膀大腰圓, 他們二話沒說就開始給富人挖煤, 而富人站在壹邊指手畫腳的監督著。 只一上午的功夫 富人就指揮兩個窮人挖出了幾車煤去, 富人把煤賣了又雇了幾個苦力,一天下來, 他除了給工人開工錢,剩下的錢還比窮人賺的錢多幾倍。 一個月很快過去了,窮人只挖了煤山的一角, 每天賺來的錢都買了好吃好喝,基本沒有剩餘。 而富人早就指揮工人挖光了煤山,賺了不少的錢, 他用這些錢投資做起了買賣,很快又成了富人。 窮人再也不抱怨了。

成功的關鍵在於... 成功,不在於妳能做多少事, 而在於妳能借用 多少人的力去做多少事!


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Re: Life is beautiful
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Private home sales triple in February as demand increases ~ 16 Mar 2017

The number of private residential units sold by developers in Singapore has tripled year-on-year.

Brisk sales at iNz Residence, interest brewing at Park Place Residences

By Romesh Navaratnarajah
March 13, 2017

A large crowd turned up for the preview of Park Place Residences over the weekend.

Qingjian Realty’s 497-unit iNz Residence, the first executive condominium (EC) to launch in Singapore this year, sold around 170 units on the first day of booking last Saturday (11 March).

“Sales at iNz Residence is off to a brisk start,” said Li Jun, Executive Director at Qingjian Realty.

In particular, the five-bedroom maisonettes were fully sold, while 70 percent of the four-bedders were taken up. This indicates strong demand for bigger living spaces, with both unit types accounting for more than 60 percent of sales. In addition, over 80 percent of the buyers opted for the smart home packages.

Prices of the five-bedders range from $1,188,000 to $1,321,000, while the four-bedroom and two-bedroom units start from $818,000 and $490,000 respectively.

First-time buyers Dominic Siew and Jade Lim, who are in their early 30s, were among the first to choose their unit. “The price is definitely reasonable, given the location of iNz Residence, the quality of the home fixtures, and the smart lifestyle.”

“We especially like the video intercom system, which will really enhance our home security,” said the couple, who purchased a three-bedroom unit with the deluxe smart home package.

Meanwhile, the 429-unit Park Place Residences at Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) saw an influx of potential buyers following the opening of its showflat over the weekend.

“The response to our showsuite this past weekend has been overwhelming… It confirms the quality attributes and value of the location and development,” said Tony Lombardo, CEO for Lendlease in Asia, the project’s developer.

Among the prospective buyers is Debbie Lam, 31, who is considering to invest in a one-bedroom unit following the easing of the property cooling measures.

“Park Place Residences at PLQ’s attractive features stand out to me. It looks like a very nice project,” she said.

Separately, 45-year-old Kelvin Suen deposited his cheque for a unit. “The latest announcement on the property cooling measures was a very good deciding factor for me to go ahead with my purchase. I think the condominium’s strategic location, and the fact that it is part of an integrated development, make for good investment potential,” he said.

Potential buyers can still submit their expressions of interest for Park Place Residences as the showflat will remain open until 20 March, with the official launch set for 25 March.

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Re: Life is beautiful
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The Story of Colonel Sanders, a man who started at 65 and failed 1009 times before succeeding

By Madalsa Singh
25 July 2012

Whether you like KFC or not, the story of Colonel Harland Sanders is truly amazing. This story is inspirational because it’s an example of how perseverance, dedication, and ambition along with hard work can create success; regardless of your age.

Colonel Harland Sanders has become a world-known figure by marketing his “finger *’ good” Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The spectacled Colonel Sanders could easily be identified by his clean, crsip white suite, black string tie, and walking cane. A statue of this man can be seen as far away as on Nathan Road in Kowloon, Hong Kong, for one place.

One of the most amazing aspects of his life is the fact that when he reached the age of sixty-five, after running a restaurant for several years, Harland Sanders found himself penniless. He retired and received his first social security check which was for one hundred and five dollars. And that was just the beginning of his international fame and financial success story...

Col. Sanders was a fellow who really loved to share his fried chicken recipe. He had a lot of positive influence from those who tasted the chicken. Now, the Colonel was retired and up in age and while most people believed in the sanctimony of retirement, the Colonel opted to sell the world on his cool new chicken recipe. With little in terms of means at his disposal, Colonel Sanders traveled door to door to houses and restaurants all over his local area. He wanted to partner with someone to help promote his chicken recipe. Needless to say, he was met with little enthusiasm.

He started travelling by car to different restaurants and cooked his fried chicken on the spot for restaurant owners. If the owner liked the chicken, they would enter into a handshake agreement to sell the Colonel's chicken. Legend has it that Colonel Sanders heard 1009 "no"s before he heard his first "yes".

Ok, let me repeat that.

He was turned down one-thousand and nine times before his chicken was accepted once!

Colonel in front of his first KFC store. The deal was that for each piece of chicken the restaurant sold, Sanders would receive a nickel. The restaurant would receive packets of Colonel's secret herbs and spices in order to avoid them knowing the recipe. By 1964, Colonel Sanders had 600 franchises selling his trademark chicken. At this time, he sold his company for $2 million dollars but remained as a spokesperson. In 1976, the Colonel was ranked as the world's second most recognizable celebrity.

It's amazing how the man started at the age of 65, when most retire, and built a global empire out of fried chicken.

"Believe. Dream. Try. Succeed. Age, no bar!"

Now... I'm hungry.

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Re: Life is beautiful
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