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Thursday, 23 February 2017
Girl, four, in desperate need of lung transplant


In bad shape: Ganesan and Sutha appealing for donations to help their daughter, Uma Mageswary who suffers from ‘cystic fibrosis’.
In bad shape: Ganesan and Sutha appealing for donations to help their daughter, Uma Mageswary who suffers from ‘cystic fibrosis’.
KLANG: From the time their youngest daughter was six months old, B. Ganesan, 33, and M. Sutha, 32, have been desperately fighting to keep her alive.

Their daughter Uma Mageswary, four, suffers from cystic fibrosis and will not survive for long if she does not undergo a lung transplant.

“She was admitted on Feb 4 at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for two weeks. The doctors said her lungs were in bad shape and deteriorating,” said Ganesan.

He added that his daughter’s condition is so bad that Sutha has to do manual drainage of phlegm and mucus, from the lungs using tubes, up to four times a day.

“She cries and screams every time it is done and it is so painful to see our baby like that,” he added.

Cystic fibrosis is a degenerative disease which creates continuous lung infections and difficulty in breathing.

Ganesan said Apollo Hospital in Tamil Nadu was willing to do a lung transplant for Uma Mageswary.

“I contacted the hospital and discussed my daughter’s medical issues and they assured me the transplant can be done.”

However, it would cost the family RM150,000, which they do not have. They have only managed to raise RM30,000 so far.

“I am just a van driver earning about RM1,200 a month and I do odd jobs for an additional few hundred ringgit,” said Ganesan who has three other children aged 10, seven and six.

Ganesan also takes care of his aged parents who live with him.

“My wife and I are really desperate to save our daughter’s life. Please help us,” he said.

NGO Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII) director Firoza Burhan said a lung transplant was the last hope for Uma Mageswary.

“We understand the parents’ desperation and hope they will be given the necessary help,” said Firoza, adding that CDII was prepared to coordinate the fund-raising for Ganesan.

Anyone wishing to help or get more information about Uma Mageswary, could write to

malimalimaliongongongnotongchefbutishua thuatong

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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2019, 02:10:59 AM »
Are this help still needed ? Do let me know cause I am lost a bit here no matter how you put it. I hope it will be really well for them. I am not that sure that the daughter is still OK there no matter how you put it. But I hope it helped them anyway.

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Keep us updated really, it's very important topic and our health is much better than money which can be earned if needed in needed amounts, are you with me here ? I hope you really do make all of that things. I personally can charity here, do make it possible.

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Why so small amount of people do reply in quite serious topic, could you please let me know this ? I am planning to say much to all my friends anyway no matter what. See it's happening ? I do want to make it real. Please do let me know this.