Author Topic: Why has this top forum lost its premier status to another the last 2 years?  (Read 5840 times)

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Let's review this using the SWOT analysis.

Itís better to buy a wonderful company at fair price than a fair company at wonderful price.

1.  Understand the business
2.  Business must have DCA
3.  Management with integrity
4.  Buy at a sensible price

Big Fat Pitch.  Focus Investing.  Long term portfolio for capital appreciation and income.

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It has been a very bad 52 weeks for my investing.  :sweat: :phew:

Every stock I have been holding is down by > 50%.  :'( :headbang:

Every new stock I bought, is now below its buying price.  Argghhhhhhhh  :phew:

Every trade I made, I lost money. :headbang: :headbang: :phew:

What should I do?  MUST  ABANDON VALUE  INVESTINGG,,,Welcome  warrantss & Penny  :handshake: :thumbsup:

Time to reflect and re-strategise.     :clap: :clap: :clap:

 :giggle: :giggle: :rofl:,,,,,,further  :D :headbang:

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 :clap: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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I don't think you need a SWOT analysis to tell why this forum is slowly losing its value and worth. The number of quality posts have decreased in the past and members are losing attraction to it. The admins need to wake up and do their job properly or give it to someone that can.

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I agree with Folena here, also seems like spam acitivity is simply outstanding here for any means basically whenever you really got there. The reason you have find that topicstarter winning a bit for some time it's not really a reason for everything else here.

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Looks like the admin totally abandon the forum and I really do not know what to say else there, see my point ? I am not sure what to do here really. Forum is like consists simply of few persons who talk with each other and that's really like that.

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It's like every other project, forum dies if nobody really care about them. That one have't become some sort of exclusion anyway no matter how you put it. There are tons of unrelated information and spam posts everywhere on it, time to fix it or move on.