Author Topic: 5 High Dividend Malaysian Stocks To Invest In 2019  (Read 107 times)

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5 High Dividend Malaysian Stocks To Invest In 2019
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The dividend is the return which the investor get as an income for his investment. Investing in dividend-paying stocks are considered profitable. Some companies in Bursa Malaysia has a dividend yield more than regular. Dividend yield between the range of 4-7% is considered as a  typical good deal on average. Being a potential KLSE investor it is your duty to do thorough research about the stock before investing in it. Dividend plays a very important role to achieve financial target and investment return.
Here I got a list of high dividend stock of Malaysia. All of them have a dividend yield of more than 4%. Companies listed are the potential performer in Bursa Malaysia and they are expected to perform better in 2019 as well.

Top 5 High Dividend Stock Malaysia To Invest In 2019

1. AirAsia BHD
AirAsia Group Bhd is an investment holding company which operate in the airline industry. This is a low-cost airline company especially focuses on Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Japan, and Thailand.

2. Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd (ASTR)

Astro Malaysia Holding Bhd is an investment holding company. The company operates for television, radio service, film library, television content, magazine publication and many more in media publication.

3. Malakoff Corporation Bhd
Malakoff Bhd was established on 9th October 1975 as a plantation-based company and got listed in Bursa Malaysia in 1976. Its project is also located in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, and Australia.

4. Magnum Bhd
Magnum Berhad is the company under Magnum Berhad Group of Companies. The main focus of the company is on management services, investment holding and computer software.
5. CapitaLand Malaysia Mall Trust

CMMT or Capital and Mall Trust is one of the leading company listed Bursa Malaysia securities market. The important assets of the company are GURNEY PLAZA, SUNGEI WANG, DAMANSARA, and THE MINES.