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Digital Option vs Forex
« on: August 09, 2019, 10:51:37 PM »
Feel like writing this because many people do not understand the difference between these two. I'm also new to this field but I have some knowledge so I thought of sharing it with you guys..

Although Digital options are becoming more and more popular in the market, many are still unaware of the difference between trading digital options and forex.

Digital Options is a type of option that uses a strike price system. The point here is that we determine whether the asset price will rise above or below the strike price at the time of closing.

When trading digital options, there will be lines called Strikes. The traditional way is simple, first we select the strike line, then we determine whether the price will be above or below the strike line at closing time.

If you think the price will be above the strike line then select Call and if you think the asset price will be below the strike line then select Put.

Forex is a type of trading that is widely traded. In forex, trading systems are different from Options. The most noticeable difference is in closing time and profit.

In Forex trading, we do not know how much profit we will get, as profit is influenced by price movement, the further the purchase price is with the current price, the greater the profit we can get.

Digital options are a type of trading that offers the greatest potential for profit. If you are a beginner I recommend starting with Digital Options.

Next you can also try the Forex and decide for yourself which is best for you.

Hope the information helps.