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login and earn. invest in SME and earn daily dividends.
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The dangers of speed Speed ​​is defined as the speed that exceeds the specified speed of the road and is indicated by traffic figures. Speeding is the wrong behavior of some drivers who are not committed to traffic and traffic systems and endanger the lives of all road users. Over the past year, over 375 people have been caught up in excess speed among the deceased, disabled and injured. Speeding is also associated with serious traffic violations such as not enough space between vehicles, lack of compliance with the route, and ’crossing of red signals’ because the driver is unable to stop at the right time when the signal changes due to excessive speed, resulting in serious irregularities and accidents. Speeding up is therefore the biggest cause of road accident deaths. Did you know that: - The probability of getting involved in a death accident doubles twice as the speed increases every 5 kilometers per hour above legal speed. Dangerous in excess speed: - Increase the probability of accidents due to lack of time to make an appropriate decision to avoid the driver of road hazards when any emergency occurs. Increased likelihood of collisions due to insufficient distance between vehicle and other vehicles. Loss of control and vehicle imbalance. Increase the probability of accidents due to the inability to control the vehicle in emergency situations such as cases of explosion of the frame. Increased likelihood of accidents to inability to avoid others’ mistakes. Increased speed the severity of the collision, thus increasing the chances of death or physical injury. You must login and earn Pretoria, South Africa. Africa.html     :cash: :cash: :cash: :cash: