Author Topic: China to lobby Norway to award the Nobel Peace prize Hong Kong police force  (Read 340 times)

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China can punish or reward Norway for their behavior in the way they award the Nobel Peace prize thus when they screwed up by awarding Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo(刘晓波) the prize, Norway lost a lot of money after being ostracized for several years. The same thing happened when they awarded the prize to Tibet separatist leader Lhamo Thondup. Norway behavior is being modified by China after being punished twice. They resisted intense pressure from the majority of US lawmakers to award prize to Wong Chi-Fung. The US lackey.

If Norway wants to make up for lost time and money it will be smart of them to award the 2020 prize to Hong Kong police force. In fact the police in Hong Kong should also receive the Guinness Book of World Records for extraordinary restrain. After 5 torturous months of very violent and deadly protest from hundreds of thousands of young restless rioters and arsonist not a single person was killed. The worst was bombs and knife attack. Petrol bombs and bricks were thrown at them not to mention mob lynching on the police personnel. If this happens outside Hong Kong I dread there would be mass killings by the authorities. Even in USA the so called protector of human rights many would have been shot or beaten to death.
Agree to disagree that way no need to quarrel and bad mouth one another.

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All these noble prizes are made up and I do believe they are all not worth anything really for example. How else we can go on with such matter ? It's simply out of my mind for a lot of things here anyway. Were correctly this should be implemented ? It's beyond me.