Author Topic: Technical Breakout: JAYA TIASA HOLDINGS BERHAD (4383)  (Read 175 times)

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Technical Breakout: JAYA TIASA HOLDINGS BERHAD (4383)
« on: December 04, 2019, 06:22:11 PM »
JTIASA has been trading sideways between the support (S1: RM0.44) and the resistance (R1: RM0.68) for almost 14 months. It broke out above the R1 and completed a double bottom classic chart pattern on 25 Nov 19 with a volume of 1.46mil. The stock now has a price target (PT) of RM0.92 if it can move above the resistances R2 & R3.

10-week EMA is often used by traders for entry signal while 30-week EMA is one of the buy signals for long term investors. JTIASA's share price is currently trading above its 10-week EMA (RM0.56) and 30-week EMA (RM0.50).
The stock market only trends 20% of the time and 80 % of the time is  trading sideways. Trading is all about probability. Never bet more than 10% of your capital in a stock and never lose more than 10% in one bet. In conclusion, you're only risking 1% of your capital for each bet.

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