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China vs USA
« on: February 14, 2020, 11:42:27 AM »
First there was Trump the loose cannon starting trade war with China. Then Hong Kong unrest with terrorist elements having full US support. Then Xinjiang and Tibet human rights nonsense. Then Huawei victimization including long arm jurisdiction involving kidnapping and imprisonment. Then even Huawei founders daughter being nabbed by Canada at the request of US. Then the attempt to kill off China top 28 firms. Then suddenly at the height of the trade war African swine flu outbreak that cause China to lose 55% of their pigs. Shortly after that two simultaneous mysterious viral attack one in Wuhan and the other in Hubei. Covid-19 is super contagious and kills many in China whereas the one in Hubei H5N1 kills and forced the culling of more than a quarter million chickens. Soon USA will suffer viral infections as well. Only this time it will be very devastating!

In 2003 SARS outbreak the disease was less nasty but the one that hits US in 2009 killed a quarter million. US forced WHO to stop counting the casualties. So only rough estimates available.
Agree to disagree that way no need to quarrel and bad mouth one another.