Author Topic: DOW JONE collapsed almost 800 points as FED stokes RECESSION fears !  (Read 54 times)

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Initially, Trump said there was nothing to worry about; next he jawbones the Fed to cut interest rates.  But why cut rates if, as Trump said, there was nothing to worry about in the first place?  Of course now, it looks like Trump has the Fed panicking, and tonight he'll Tweet that "it was the bonehead Fed that caused the market to go down".  It wasn't unexpected to read that the Administration's number one concern with Corona Virus was to keep the stock market from falling; as always it's all about Trump and re-election.  He's so predictable, and pathetic. 
Pray that the American people who care about our country throw him out of power in November.

#  Well, the ‘Dead Trump@Cat  Bounced’ made it to 27,084  yesterday , and is now just a ‘Dead Trump’ at 25,917 { collapsed 785 }

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