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Interior decoration in District 7, HCMC
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To meet the increasing demand for choosing grade 4 houses, there are many ways to design and decorate a level 4 simple, rustic but very beautiful and luxurious, although small but still meet all the requirements. power and comfort for everyone. In today's article, interior decoration company in District 7 introduces everyone to the experience of decorating the home of level 4 beautiful, luxurious and fully furnished.

- As a unit with long-term experience in level 4 interior design and decoration, Kien truc dep 24H will introduce to everyone the simple and beautiful level 4 interior decoration.

Interior decoration of grade 4 living rooms:

- When designing interior level 4 houses small or large area, for living room space, you need to pay attention to choosing furniture items, neat utensils suitable for the room area to fit beautiful, both convenient and does not take up the space of the room.

- Need to divide the detailed layout clearly and arrange items towards one side to create ventilation for the passage. Furniture items need to be in harmonious colors, in harmony with the colors of walls, ceilings, floors to bring the most perfect overall.

Interior decoration bedrooms for grade 4 houses:

- Do not place the bed under the window and door position because it affects sleep and causes inconvenience to move. You can lay the bed facing the wall and lie in the middle of the room, or you can put the bed parallel to the wall to bring comfort to the sleeping person.

Interior decoration of the kitchen for level 4 houses:

- To get a nice kitchen space, you need to minimize the details to the maximum extent but still ensure to meet the full use. The arrangement of items depends on the area of ​​the kitchen, needs and daily use habits of the family.

- Designed lighting system just enough to bring the ideal cooking space. You should use neutral tones such as gray, gray, cream to decorate the kitchen wall just beautiful and clean.

If you are looking for interior decoration partners of District 7 to support yourself in perfecting a new house, please contact 24H Beauty Architecture directly. We always have a team of architects, technical designers with deep expertise, many years of experience sure to bring unique and novel interior design and construction ideas to your home.

Right now, please contact for a team of professional architects to have the opportunity to beautify your home.

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