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4 reasons you should choose dark kitchen cabinets
« on: April 27, 2020, 04:45:29 PM »
When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, it's often difficult for people to decide whether to light or dark. In this article, we will point out the benefits of choosing a color palette.

1. Create atmosphere

If you're looking to design a cozy, modern kitchen, dark kitchen cabinets might be an option. The black surfaces, like in this elegant kitchen, help shrink the space a bit to create a sense of intimacy.
Strategically light the kitchen so that it emits sparkling light on dark surfaces.

2. Hide the scratches

All kitchens are worn out, but some types of cookstoves aren't as much as others. A kitchen with dark cabinets, such as this one by Compass & Rose, is a good choice if you think your kitchen cupboard will often suffer from spills.

A dark cabinet can be easier to forgive than a light cabinet with scratches or stains, because it is not easily revealed. If you repaint the cupboard, be sure to paint a few coats, so that the dark lining covers any scratches on the top coat.

3. Contrast with white

If you're going to choose a white kitchen table, then choose a dark color for other items to get the most striking effect. The glittering marble surface here looks gorgeous, striking on the bold cabinets. The designers of House of Beulah embrace the contrast, combining the white wall with dark gray features. To warm the room, they laid wooden floors and placed several pots of plants with soft foliage.

4. Highlight bold colors

Dark kitchen cabinets can accentuate white kitchen tables, and can also become an impressive background for other vivid colors, such as this kitchen designed by Roundhouse. The dark gray cabinets look neat and quite practical, but it is the green and red accents that really make the space come alive. The cabinets act as a moody picture to brighten up other bright colors.

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