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LV CAPUCINES BAGS conquer her personality -
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Capucines appeared to create a new wave of fashion for fashionistas. Right after being launched, Louis Vuitton's Capucines bag quickly became the "hot item" of the company. In London, England, in a glass window, Louis Vuitton displayed a Capucines bag but accompanied by the words "not for sale" further motivated the desire to own this item of fashion followers.

High-class Capucines lv bag:

Own hundreds of bags with many designs, designs, materials and Vietnamese names. But Capucines handbags still have a separate place unmistakable. The strong and edgy bag design made from young cowhide leather and the silk-softness of calf leather has increased the product's fine texture, demonstrating the high-class tanning technique of the brand from France.

Capucines lv bags (http://"") carry minimalist design but the essence of Louis Vuitton design with 250 separate manual steps and thousands of other steps. These secrets are shown in every detail, bringing sophistication and perfection to stand before the test of time.

The bag is designed with the two letters Lv for Louis Vuitton, wrapped in calfskin and attached to the claw-shaped groove. Along with dyeing techniques and manual hemming of the bag to create silk-like curves contribute to the perfection of the bag.

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