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SafeTravelPass and Tracvirus services locally and internationally:

A. COVID-19 Screening Tests and Quarantine Charges for Traveller Coming Into Malaysia
TracVirus SafeTravelPass is a COVID-19 screening and accommodation arrangement service with the approval of Majilis Keselamatan Negara (MKN). This service is open to both Malaysians and non-Malaysians, and aims to provide a fast, safe, and seamless process for travellers coming into Malaysia.


B. “SafeTravelPass”, “MySafeTravel”, or “MyTravelPass” are white labels, brands, franchises of “Tracvirus E-Certificate” worldwide. Copyright (c) 2020. All Rights Reserved. Get your Tracvirus E-Cert today, visit

### Can be used internationally:
Singapore . Indonesia . Malaysia . Arab Saudi . China . Hong Kong . Taiwan . Japan . Korea . Australia . New Zealand . Thailand . Cambodia . Myanmar. Vietnam . Philippines | I’m Tracvirus Verified.

C. - Conducted in Malaysia - Conducted in Indonesia

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