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Malaysian Investment fund with 12% guarantee dividend, Worth for a go?


Found this on a social media platform, It was originally in Chinese then I translated it into English to post here.


Today, I will introduce a Malaysian private investment bank fund.

This fund mainly invests 80% in the stock market (US stocks, Bursa, and Hong Kong), and the other 20% is invested in other financial derivatives (futures, cryptocurrencies, etc.). 80% of the funds invested in the stock market. We can get the information, the fund's investment areas are in banking and finance, and aviation. They are all fairly stable companies with a lot of room for development in the future. In the second photo I uploaded, you can see that the profit of the 2020 fund is 39.18%. With the epidemic spreading, this result is actually pretty good.

What is the 12% interest mentioned in the title? In addition to having a pretty good profit return, this fund also has fixed interest! Investment funds can choose to invest: 6 months, 2 years, and 5 years. Fixed interest is limited to 2 years (7% per year) and 5 years (12% per year). Interest for a two-year tenure will be paid at the end of each year, and for a five-year term, 6% interest will be paid every six months! (Secretly tell you an idea: In fact, if the investment tenure is 5 years, even if it really does not make a profit every year, You have already earned 60% of your principal from the interest.) Oh, there is another one: I will simply take this, Buying funds will also give you insurance for free!

Next: There is a minimum investment amount for this investment: 5,000 US dollars is equivalent to Ringgit Malaysia 20697.5, Chinese Yuan 32,484. What do investment banks make? Investors need to pay as much as 5% of the sales fee like funds in the general market, and when withdrawing funds: investment banks will take 30% of your profit, excluding the principal and interest of your investment! If you are interested, you can leave a message below! "

What do you guys think? Worth for a go?


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