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Few days before suspensions,
the boss sold quite big chunk.
As boss he know better much earlier
about their intentions.
Possible bad news,however it can
be good news.
Get ready to sell or buy.

Today got many news.
Boss sell warrant too.
Sell to buy mother or to run and buy lower?
Sold so  many mother and warrants
and later bought mother not much ,a very concerned.

It said by 26th got to make announcement.
It is either mampoi or big money.

Looking at SCIB and Kpower selling last 2 days
Coming Serbdak news is not in favour.
Spill over will make SCIB and Kpower mampoi teruk.
Better runnnnn...

Previous Auditors could ve wrong.
Current Auditor will be 100%  :thumbsup
Those many ppl do auditing u thnik just can keep
Then why KPOWER n SCIB badly down?
The down walahhhh dono how far.
If good news the buy cab just buy curi meah.

I think, see in water lahhh..bad news.

Boss has been selling SCIB & Kpower.

Big company have CFO  and dono bit bit
about account??Got Internal n External auditors
Got big big share holders.
All these ppl dono bit bit ka?
Looks like not good like these all.


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