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Serbadak .

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Serbadak suspended ...saman BURSA
SCIB suspended ...before suspend got insider selling.
Kpower  traded ...got selling..runnnnnn.

What ever you see,never never never  buy.
They have money to buy few cts up cz by sold
Sebadk n SCIB much earlier before suspended.
Dont forget they have share too n try to maintained
for you to que buy n they will add some too.


Saman KPMG
Saman Bursa
Saman E&Y
Misses Coupon payment Sukuk US 300 millions
Cannot complete constructions.
 :sweat: :'( :sweat: :'( :'( :sweat: :S :(

Got KPOWER before big spillover sell down
to the drains better sell meaaah..
As for Serbdk n SCIB dono whats going to happen?
Fundmger ,Institutions,big player and not
to forget ikan bilis kojol.

KaramSin waaaliauuuuu.
Bursa start talking .
Based in news since May.
The issue why only now Bursa start to talk?

Serbdk saman here and there.
Investor's saman Bursa for not disclosing much earlier.


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