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To whom it may concerned.

Please investigate those politician
who have this counter share that really so
eager supporting the bail out.

JANGAN Pikul Biawak Hidup.

Got news,maybe Khazanah or PNB.
However many say Khazanah.
Need to becarefull and not so over confidents.

The word is 'May'  & ' Assist With Package'
So far Renong and MAS bail out end up with delisting.

* That was rumours/ news and not comfirmed by gomin yet.
If it bcome fact,BORSOF meah!

Short Term Borrowing 10.66 billions @ ONE YEAR COMMITNENT.
Accumulate losses      13.52 billions.
Liquid Asset  717 millions only.

Delisting in pipe.

If I m not wrong,Sapnrg is worse in history
of GLCs.
It will definetly  be delisted be it can move.
Make money runnnn.
Saprng are being use to make money by politician.

Both najib and anuar has agreed on FORENSIC AUDIT.
So far no comfirm news from gomen.


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