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Equities / Re: Next going to Fly with wing $$$$$
« Last post by Sailor on Today at 12:54:12 AM »

Some ppl ok
Some fairly ok
Some not ok
Some die standing.
Me waiting n topup categories.

you no see ka?

Health wise not really 100% engine not fuctioning well.
Counter px movements NOT encouraging.
Buy n wait YES ok.

You got news let me know here first..
dont let others know ba!
When u think they wanted to vroooommm😁😁😁

Equities / Re: HAPPY DEEPAVALI 2017!
« Last post by Oly Shyte on Today at 12:26:00 AM »
Happy Deepavali to DR KIM & his family + his mistresses!  :nod: :thumbsup:
Equities / HAPPY DEEPAVALI 2017!
« Last post by Oly Shyte on Today at 12:25:14 AM »
Happy Deepavali to all Indian investors, gamblers, speculators, sendekat & manipulators!  :thumbsup: :handshake: :cash:
Equities / Re: BUY SALCON NOW
« Last post by jamesbond47 on Yesterday at 11:22:38 PM »
 :'(Daffy hilang long time
Equities / Re: Comeback is real..stay tune!!
« Last post by jamesbond47 on Yesterday at 11:20:45 PM »
Welcome. Tips faster  :cash:
Equities / Re: Next going to Fly with wing $$$$$
« Last post by FaizalAziz on Yesterday at 11:00:17 PM »
how are you brothers?  :D :D
Equities / Comeback is real..stay tune!!
« Last post by FaizalAziz on Yesterday at 10:53:26 PM »
Hello's been years since last time i posted a message here..
how are you all doing ?

I will make a comeback n more active here...stay tuned!

 :D :D :D  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Equities / Re: Casino Stocks
« Last post by odie on Yesterday at 08:59:44 PM »
zuolun bro,

i bought lian beng at 70 cts 12 lots
second chance at 26.5 cts 30 lots

hope i dont die


Happy holidays tomorrow
« Last post by Oly Shyte on Yesterday at 08:44:14 PM »
Nexgram and R&A group founder seek to remove R&A board members

KUALA LUMPUR: R&A Telecommunication Group Bhds two biggest shareholders, Nexgram Holdings Bhd and R&A group founder and former executive director Francis Tan Hock Leong, are seeking to replace R&As entire board members with new directors.

R&A, which makes telecommunication structures and offers engineering solutions for telecommunication networks, told Bursa Malaysia that Nexgram and Tan, who hold 6.83% and 6.47% equity interest respectively, had given a notice to it requesting an EGM to consider the removal of the board members and the appointment of three new ones.

The directors named are chief executive officer Sim Keng Siong, Selva Rasan Datuk Puspa Das, Chua Soo Seong and Lim Tiong Jin.

Nexgram and Tan also nominated Rajendra Raja S. Govindaraj, Cheang Soon Siang and Kamal Abdul Aziz to the board.

R&A, a Guidance Note 3 company, is in the midst of finalising a regularisation plan. Based on an announcement in March, it will, as part of its regularisation plan, acquire another telecommunication solutions provider Forward Resources and Construction Sdn Bhd from Lean Kock Kiang, his wife Lee Sek Ang, and FRC Resources Sdn Bhd (FRCR), a special purpose vehicle owned by the couple that will become the new listed vehicle in place of R&A.

The acquisition is for RM110mil to be satisfied entirely via the issuance of up to 1.1 billion FRCR shares.

Based on the proposed regularisation plan, the shareholdings of Nexgram and Tan (who resigned as R&A executive director in December last year) would be diluted to 0.4% share each in FRCR (assuming full exercise of warrants) while Lean and Lee would end up with a combined 70% stake.

Nexgram and Tan, in their joint letter to the R&A board dated Oct 16, said if no EGM was called during the time provided for under the Companies Act and/or notice of the meeting was not given to shareholders within 14 days, they would proceed to convene such a meeting to consider the proposed resolutions.

For the 18-month financial period ended June 30, 2017, R&A reported an unaudited net profit of RM765,000 against a net loss of RM91.18mil in the 18-month period to June 30, 2016. (The board changed the financial year-end from Dec 31 to June 30 in March this year.)

Equities / Re: raider gave his reason his integrity is being attacked!!!
« Last post by stockraider on Yesterday at 08:37:39 PM »
U cannot escape ur bad call, by simply claiming right loh...!!

The truth already reveal by the share performance loh...!!

When 3iii ask people not to buy HRC & avoid, it was rm 6.76 loh...!!


3iii analysis below all wrong loh...!!

Online iiinvestsmart
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on: July 18, 2017, 11:00:40 AM


Their business is in refining.

Revenues and profits then to be very volatile.

It carries a lot of debts in its book.

One of the condition for buying over this company was for the creditors to roll over these borrowings.

It requires a lot of capital expenditure to upgrade the refinery to meet various international and business standards.

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Re: Hengyuan
Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 01:48:49 PM

At 6.76 per share, this company's market cap is 2.028b

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Re: Hengyuan

Reply #5 on: July 28, 2017, 04:39:51 PM

Quote from: iiinvestsmart on July 28, 2017, 04:09:04 PM

Income Statement


2012  15.1b
2013   14.7b
2014  14.3b
2015  9.1b
2016   8.4b
ttm  9.4b


2012  (122m)
2013 (223m)
2014  (1,223m)
2015  353m
2016  335m
ttm 512m


2012   (95m)
2013  (156m)
2014  (1189m)
2015  352m  (Tax paid 1m)
2016   225m  (Tax paid 0m)
ttm  513m

ttm-EPS  RM 1.71

Balance Sheet

CA 2435m
FA  858m
TA  3293m

CL  706m
NCL  1312m
TL  2018m

EQ  1275m

TL & EQ 3293m

Cash 340m
ST Debt 101
LT Debt 1313m

Inventories  1076m
AR 961m
AP 604m

Cash Flow

Net income 335.3m
D&A 195.3m
Net Operating Cash Flow (43.6m)

Capex (27.5m)

Dividend 0

FCF ((71.1m)

This company has been profitable the last 2 years, due to higher price of crack (better profit margin).

However, refining business is capital intensive and earnings are volatile.

As guided by the company, refining margins are expected to remain uncertain.

Red flags:

Volatile earnings, even the last 4 quarters, 1 qtr was in the red.

Its capital expenditure in recent 2 years are so much less than its Depreciation and amortization charges.

How much more will they need to spend to keep their business going efficiently?

Despite showing positive earnings, its FCF is anaemic or negative; still using financing from lenders.

No dividends.  Unlikely to pay dividends soon either.

No tax paid the last 2 financial year.

A challenging business at best, a gruesome business to be in.

Better avoided.

Would a long term investor be interested in this company?


Re: Hengyuan

Reply #6 on: July 28, 2017, 04:41:02 PM

You should always invest based on your own decision using your own assumptions and after due diligence.

ROCE is very very low.

This company's business is challenging.

NOT a great company.
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