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Global Markets / Re: WARREN BUFFEETT
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Warren Buffett has a message for Donald Trump

   Sam RoYahoo FinanceFebruary 25, 2017

Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders was just released, and it has an important message for policymakers and those seeking to help spur economic growth.
“One word sums up our country’s achievements: miraculous,” he said. “From a standing start 240 years ago – a span of time less than triple my days on earth – Americans have combined human ingenuity, a market system, a tide of talented and ambitious immigrants, and the rule of law to deliver abundance beyond any dreams of our forefathers.”
Warren BuffettView photos
Warren Buffett
Almost every year, Buffett talks up this U.S. economic miracle, and he regularly repeats his line that “Babies born in America today are the luckiest crop in history.”
But this year’s message is unique in that he highlights the “tide of talented and ambitious immigrants.” A simple search for the word “immigrant” or “immigration” yields no results in recent years’ letters.
President Donald Trump has made a series of proposals and legislative moves ranging from the Mexican border wall to the travel ban against seven Muslim countries. All can largely be seen as anti-immigration.
Trump wants to build walls.View photos
Trump wants to build walls.
Business leaders from Wall Street to Silicon Valley have been vocal in their criticism of Trump’s stance on immigration.
While Buffett doesn’t explicitly mention Trump by name, it’s pretty clear that he believes immigration is good for growth.
“You need not be an economist to understand how well our system has worked,” Buffett said. “Just look around you. See the 75 million owner-occupied homes, the bountiful farmland, the 260 million vehicles, the hyper-productive factories, the great medical centers, the talent-filled universities, you name it – they all represent a net gain for Americans from the barren lands, primitive structures and meager output of 1776. Starting from scratch, America has amassed wealth totaling $90 trillion.”
Global Markets / Re: WARREN BUFFEETT
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803点看 2017年2月25日











根据全球首10位对沖基金经理的收入排名,第1位肯格里芬(Ken Griffin),第2位詹姆斯西蒙斯(James Simons),索罗斯在第10位,而刚才提到的巴菲特及罗杰斯,则打不进10大。






在我们早前都有跟大家分析人工智能的未来趋势 ,电脑决策跟人脑决策最大分歧,就是人工智能完全服从命令,人类却有不同情绪及偏见会影响到投资决策。

Equities / Re: Spot KLCI Index
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Saturday, 25 February 2017
Weak indicators suggest correction

REVIEW: In the absence of strong leads from the US, Bursa Malaysia got off to a subdued start to the week, with the FBM KLCI dropping 1.51 points to 1,706.17.

Blue chips struggled in early business as a cautious performance in the Asia-Pacific region and a softer ringgit against the greenback sent many investors running to look for cover.

However, the lull was short-lived, as institutional players emerged unexpectedly to seek value buys in mid-morning and helped push the main index into the positive territory.

Though there was a fresh bout of buying momentum in the market for the rest of the day, interest was evidently concentrated around the quality issues and certain second liners.


Elsewhere, the cheaper penny stocks were mostly lower on lack of support from retail investors. The mixed underlying tone of the market was apparent as despite the key index chalking up 4.9 points to 1,712.58 at the closing bell, winners and losers were almost equal, totalling 466 and 452 respectively on Monday.

There was still no lead from the US the next day, as overnight markets there were shuttered due to the Presidents Day holiday.

Turning to European markets, stocks gained marginally in mixed mood due to lingering concerns about the looming French election while investors fretted about the timing of interest rate hikes in the US.


Click on image for larger view
Like the regional peers, the local bourse firmed and gains in the blue chips propelled the FBM KLCI to as high as 1,719.76 in early session, the best level in 10-months amid follow-through bargain hunting nibbling.

But with little catalyst on the horizon reminding investors to exercise caution in their trading approach, they simply were not willing to bid the market any higher, but selling into strength to lock in gains.

In the wake of a fresh bout of liquidation, the key index succumbed to tremendous stress to give up early advances to finish down 6.03 points to 1,706.55 on Tuesday.

Thereafter, despite the bulls on Wall Street bouncing back strongly, pushing the Dow to a fresh record level, underpinned by growing confidence Trump will soon unveil details of a major tax cut plan, investors at home were not convinced but adopted the “wait-and-see” attitute.

Consequently, Bursa Malaysia tripped into consolidation mode, with the key index fluctuating between an intra-day high and low of 1,709.10 and 1,704.42, a tight 4.68 points throughout, before closing up 1.53 points to 1,708.08 in mid-week.

While regional markets drifted lower the following day, the local market continued to see-saw, attempting to stay above water in the morning session but it was not successful, as increased selling in the afternoon eventually sent stocks into the red zones and losses in select blue chips dragged the FBM KLCI down 3.60 points to 1,704.48 on Thursday.

In another sluggish session, the local bourse lost an extra 6.13 points to 1,698.35 on follow-through profit-taking yesterday.

Statistics: Week-on-week basis, the major index declined 9.33 points, or 0.5% to 1,698.35 yesterday, compared with 1,707.68 on Feb 17.

Total turnover for the regular week amounted to 13.885 billion units worth RM12.598bil, against 11.341 billion shares valued at RM12.188bil done the prior week.

Outlook: Bursa Malaysia slipped into correction mode, with the FBM KLCI violating the immediate 14-day simple moving average line during intra-week trading, as investors opted to book gains after the recent rally.

From our observation, the overall market sentiment had deterioted slightly since Tuesday after the key index nearly carve out a bearish “key reversal” pattern.

Except for Wall Street, betting on tax cuts, less regulation and more spending on infrastructure from Trump to boost the US economy, which may aid the local bourse higher, other issue such as the Fed rising interest rate and political uncertainty in the euro zone, are not so favourable to equities at home.

On the other hand, the ringgit is little changed against the greenback and crude oil prices are not going anywhere just yet, as huge build-up in US crude stockpiles will undermine OPEC’s move to cut output. Hence, they are providing little help for shares.

Given the limited catalyst on the horizon, there is a high possibility the local bourse may sustain the consolidation mode this week while investors adopt a cautious approach.

In spite of that, many investors are still eyeing a major breakout of the 1,730 points and we are not discounting that possibility, but we put it this way.

As long as the key index stays above the 1,700 points, the bulls have a very good chance of a breakthrough, but no hope, if they fail to stay afloat this psychological level.

Technically, the sell signal on the daily moving average convergence/divergence histogram and the “toppish” pictogram on the weekly slow-stochastic momentum index suggest the local bourse may fill the minor “run away” gap of 1,690.80 points-1,695.37 points on extended correction this week before they show any sign of ticking up again.

Initial support is seen at 1,680 points the next lower floor is maintained at 1,640 points

Commodities / Re: CRUDE PALM OIL
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Business NewsHome > Business > Business News
Saturday, 25 February 2017 | MYT 6:50 AM
Malaysian palm oil price recovers on better demand, but sees 2nd weekly fall
Benchmark palm oil futures for May on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange rose 0.9 percent to 2,806 ringgit ($632.41) a tonne at the end of the trading day.
Benchmark palm oil futures for May on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange rose 0.9 percent to 2,806 ringgit ($632.41) a tonne at the end of the trading day.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian palm oil futures recovered in late trade on Friday on forecasts of stronger export data and short-covering ahead of the weekend.

Benchmark palm oil futures for May on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange rose 0.9 percent to 2,806 ringgit ($632.41) a tonne at the end of the trading day.

However, the second daily gain this week could not prevent a second weekly decline, with the market down by 1.8 percent since Feb. 20, unable to shake off concerns over rising output.

Traded volumes stood at 68,348 lots of 25 tonnes each on Friday evening.

Palm oil shipments could see improvements during the Feb. 1-25 period from a month ago, traders said ahead of the release of data from cargo surveyors.

Intertek Testing Services, which reported a 0.8 percent fall in exports for the Feb. 1-20 period, is expected to release its latest data on Saturday.

Societe Generale de Surveillance, however, reported a 1.7 percent rise in shipments in the same period and is expected to release its data on Monday.

Palm oil could bounce to a resistance level of 2,827 ringgit a tonne, having found support at 2,750 ringgit, said a Reuters market analyst for commodities and energy technicals.

In related vegetable oils, soybean oil on the Chicago Board of Trade was up 0.7 percent on Friday, while the soybean oil contract on China's Dalian Commodity Exchange declined 0.4 percent.

The May contract for palm olein on the Dalian exchange fell by 0.3 percent.

- Reuters

Personal Finance / Re: EPF
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Saturday, 25 February 2017 | MYT 8:57 PM
Look beyond EPF dividends when preparing for retirement


KUALA LUMPUR: Recently, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announced a dividend pay-out of 5.7% for 2016 – much lower than the 6.4% dividend for 2015 and 6.75% in 2014, leaving many Malaysians disappointed. 

In fact, this is the first time EPF’s dividend has fallen below the 6% mark since 2010 when a 5.8% dividend was declared.

“In light of the rising cost of living, longer life expectancy and a higher inflation rate, iMoney believes that Malaysians should be taking a more active role in ensuring they have sufficient funds for their retirement.

"It is not enough to just rely on EPF’s yearly dividend pay-outs,” said Lee Ching Wei, CEO and co-founder of iMoney.


Is the new quantum enough to sustain you through retirement?

Based on a recent EPF study, 50% of retirees exhaust their funds within five years of retirement.   

The harsh reality is that Malaysians spend 31.2% of their disposable income on food and food away from home, 23.9% on petrol, housing utilities and 14.6% on transport.
Enter, EPF-approved unit trusts

One way for Malaysians to boost their chances of retirement survival is to grow their EPF contributions at a quicker rate. EPF contributors can invest a portion of their Account 1 savings into approved unit trust funds.

The scheme provides members with an option to enhance their retirement savings by placing a portion of their EPF savings in Account 1 to be invested in unit trusts or through private mandate managed by appointed Fund Managers Institutions (FMI) under the EPF Members Investment Scheme (EPF-MIS).

However, contributors will need to have higher savings in their EPF accounts to participate in the EPF-MIS.

These funds need to achieve a three-year simple average consistent return rating of 2.00, sourced from mutual and hedge fund analytics provider Lipper, which has a scale of 1 to 5.

To invest or not to invest – that is the question

“While there are obvious risks and fees that come with investing in unit trusts, contributors may risk not building enough of a nest egg to fund your golden years. Do you want to rely on EPF dividends or make a portion of the savings “work harder” through unit trust funds?,” added Lee.

The rule of thumb for investing is to start as early as possible, and this also applies to EPF-approved unit trust funds. Unit trust investments are known for their long-term value; usually up to five years or longer.

iMoney encourages EPF members to familiarise themselves with the track record of appointed fund managers before making their decisions and keep track of their EPF contributions and growth.

Obtaining the latest statement can be done online through i-Akaun at myEPF website. Alternatively, members can obtain their statement via EPF kiosks or visit any EPF branches. 

How EPF-approved unit trusts works:

• Effective January 1, 2017, members are allowed to invest up to 30% of excess savings, compared to the previous 20% limit.

• Use the basic savings guide to determine the amount permitted to be transferred for investment under the scheme.

• Members must also be below 55 years old at date of application.

• The minimum amount of investment under the unit trust mandate is RM1,000 while for the private mandate, it may require a larger sum of money.

• Once members fulfil eligibility, they can choose their desired funds. Of the 336 funds listed under the scheme, 220 funds are qualified to be offered for period 2015/2016.

• Members are not allowed to withdraw any amount from the money invested through the FMI.

• EPF will release its control on the invested amount by the FMI when a member reaches age 55 or has made full withdrawal under leaving the country, incapacitation, pensionable employees and death withdrawals.

• Claims or resale of the invested units will be managed by the member or next-of-kin directly with the FMI.

For more details, click on

Equities / Re: 0102 CONNECT ~~~ USB 3.1 TYPE - C is Mega trend >>>>
« Last post by CurryLee on Yesterday at 07:29:28 PM »
rapid con..... :D fai fai ngak....

i want to buy connek on monday...... :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :thumbsup:
This is for long term and compounding investment.

Please recommend.

 :handshake: :handshake: :handshake:
Global Markets / Re: professor robert schiller
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1216点看 2017年2月25日








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Personal Finance / Re: INCOME TAX
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国內  2017年02月25日

(吉隆坡25日讯 )內陆税收局首席执行员拿督沙宾估计今年会有420万人以电子报税,比去年增加2.4 %。





Equities / Re: 0102 CONNECT ~~~ USB 3.1 TYPE - C is Mega trend >>>>
« Last post by yenboys on Yesterday at 06:25:53 PM »
ConnectCounty Holdings Berhad - Additional investment in Rapid Conn (S) Pte., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CONNECT

CONNECT had on 13 January 2017 invested an additional 727,388 ordinary shares in the share capital of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Rapid Conn (S) Pte., Ltd. ("RCS") ("the Investment").
Upon completion of the Investment, the issued  share capital of RCS shall increase from 4,311,525 ordinary shares to 5,038,913 ordinary shares. RCS shall remain as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CONNECT.

This announcement is dated 22 February 2017.
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