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Title: Introduction
Post by: DouDingWorld on June 27, 2015, 04:10:32 PM
Hi all!

It's my first day joining this forum!

I'm Alfred, 26 going on to 27 this year. 3 years ago I actually decided to quit my uni to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur. Currently, I expanded my venture to Malaysia, so here I am!

Just in case you have being wondering what kind of business I am in, here's what i do.

Together with a team, we created a brand call Dou Ding 豆丁.

Dou Ding, just to change the world!

OUR MISSION is to let the world be filled with happiness and positive energy through Dou Ding. We are born to spread happiness and positivity, and to do this, we used a unique product packaging concept to help us!

With happiness being our core value, we will do our best to bring happiness and positivity to the whole world. This brand is built around a dream, a dream of wanting to let the whole world be filled with blissful food and happiness.

Happiness and blissfulness can be very simple. After you have taken our Dou Ding, something magical will appear at the bottom. A simple message, a simple action which can let the whole world feel the happiness from within and spreading it beyond.

Well, we truly believe in giving first. We love cracking our brain to think of ways to bring a smile back to the world! We want all customer to be happy that's why we are spreading Happiness! Giving surprises in exchange for a simple smile is what gives our Dou Ding a magical effect!

Having said that, our first series of Happiness consist of 4 tantalising soya pudding flavours, Original, Banana, Almond and Milk Tea. Having gone through multiple meticulous R&D, countless food tasting, they are finally ready to change the world!

Together with the Happiness and healthy concept, we are here to spread POSITIVE ENERGY to the world!

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!

Good Day,